The Kings Wedding01.31.15

IMG_3234 IMG_3272 IMG_3258 IMG_3231 IMG_3225 IMG_3207 IMG_2976 IMG_2972IMG_5714IMG_5796IMG_5792IMG_5936IMG_5989

IMG_3501 IMG_3573 IMG_3579 IMG_3608 IMG_3658 IMG_6248 IMG_3724 IMG_3751 IMG_3777 IMG_3797 IMG_3906 IMG_3908 IMG_3912 IMG_4478       IMG_6340


Newborn AJ01.30.15

a aa IMG_1930 IMG_7094 IMG_7101 IMG_7125 IMG_7204 IMG_7464 IMG_7467 IMG_7492 IMG_7560 s


Chloe {sweet little love}01.24.15

chloe2chloe IMG_8100 IMG_8036
chloe3 chloee IMG_8048 IMG_8200 IMG_8207 IMG_8311 IMG_8319 IMG_8359


Trista {Portrait of a little lady}01.13.15

I love to shoot just for the sake of inspiration. My niece was coming over to spend the night during Christmas vacation, so I seized the opportunity to have a fun little photo adventure with my girl. We had a blast. I adore this little girl. She is so feisty, bossy, sweet and smart! I will treasure these portraits forever.IMG_9713 IMG_9731 IMG_9742 IMG_9771 t2IMG_9782 IMG_9789 IMG_9915 IMG_9922 IMG_9953 IMG_9954


Waiting for baby C11.27.14

IMG_2755 IMG_2778 IMG_2824 IMG_2859 IMG_2900 IMG_2935 IMG_2939 IMG_3050 tatj tatjana


Corina & Guillermo09.24.14

dubon_0128dubon_0098 dubon_0115 dubon_0136

dubon_0018 dubon_0089 dubon_0123
dubon_0173 dubon_0183
dubon_0212dubon_0342a dubon_0409 dubon_0423 dubon_0476

dubon_1301 dubon_9221
dubon_9239 dubon_0514dubon_0527caketopperdubon_9295



Newborn Simona09.22.14

oh what a joy to photograph sweet little Simona. I am in love with every image. She is so beautiful.
dimona IMG_5298 IMG_5301 IMG_5343 IMG_5412 IMG_5424 IMG_5466 IMG_9746bIMG_5511


Sweetest Little Sarah {12 days}08.6.14

I had such great luck with Sarah she was soooo good.sarah
A tiny smile.

IMG_0200 IMG_0221 She woke up for some of the time and look at this face. Hello sweet girl. You are too darn cute!IMG_0236
I  really enjoy crafting and creating, a little fun fact is that I make almost all  the little hair pieces I use in my shoots.

IMG_0336 IMG_0360 Big sister walking by to check me out, I think she warmed up to me pretty good 🙂

IMG_0411IMG_0519 Baby toes….

IMG_2348 IMG_0618

I love a side profile.

Rock star hair!!


Sweet Esmeralda07.31.14

At first she had her poker face on when we met. Emeralda was checking me out. Trying to figure out this crazy lady, but by the end of the session we were buddies. She’s just so yummy, her parents wanted to eat her all up. How could you not melt seeing this sweet little baby. I had her cracking up in the middle of our time together and I was so happy to get some adorable smiles from her. It was hard to narrow down my favorite images. But here are a few. <3
esmerelda IMG_7820IMG_2281 IMG_2448 IMG_7952 IMG_7993 IMG_8238IMG_8278IMG_8294esmeralda


Yecenia & Steve and Dalilah too! {Palos Verdes Maternity}07.28.14

prettyIMG_3187 IMG_3249 IMG_3258 dalilaIMG_3263 IMG_3383 IMG_8561 IMG_3087